Buying Domains To Sell At Auction

Domain names can be inexpensive high yeild assets. This is because you can potentially purchase a domain for around $10 and sell it for hundreds, thousands, even millions. Now theres no guarentee you will sell your domain or get the price you think its worth. The fact is that many domains have little or no value. There are a few things we can do to increase the chances of getting high offers.

The first thing we need to do is find the domain we want and buy it. You can check to see if the domain is already owned at whois.com. If its not owned by anyone go ahead and register the domain. There are several places to register your domain. It really doesent matter where you go, however make sure you dont pay more than $10 a year. If your really (really) straped for cash you can also get a free domain from the link provided under the "Helpful Resources" tab on this site. (They requires a real e-mail address, a phone number you have access to, and 20 min. of time for a quick survey.) If your domain is already owned you can try to buy it from the owner. Go to Afternic.com and make an offer on the site. If the owner accepts the registration info will be transfered.

Once you have the domain its a good idea to monitize it. Create a relevent blog with adsense and redirect your domain to it. Take the extra effort to submit the site to search engines and add links to relevant directories. (you can also join free link exchange programs to boost your google ranking.) All of this will help increase traffic and create a higher appraised value of the domain.

Make sure to put a link to your e-mail box that says "Make an offer on this site" that way you can see what others are potentially willing to pay for the site. you can also submit the site to