Bum Marketing (Affiliate Marketing)

"Bum Marketing" is a great way to build up a small army of internet based assets for little or no money. The method is really quite simple.

1. Just pick a product or service you would be willing to write a review or article about.

2. Start a blog and post the article.

3. Sign up for affiliate marketing programs specifically related to the product or service you choose.

4. Populate the blog with affiliate links to the product.

5. Add your article in popular article website directories. (http://www.iArticles.biz for example)

6. Submit your site to search engines and join link exchange programs to boost your Google ranking.

7. If people click on the links and purchase the product you get paid!

Sounds simple huh? Well it can be if you know what your doing. Sadly most people jump in before they fully understand the concept. Heres what you need to know to avoid being one of these people.

Pitfalls to Avoid

- Not selecting a small enough market. If you want to be successful in bum marketing you need to be sure that your product choices are unique and specific in nature. Don't write an article on healthy cleaning products. Instead write it specifically about healthy floor cleaners. Being specific targets the type of individual who is on a mission to buy a product, the type you want to see.

- Using general highly completive keywords. "Floor cleaner" is not a good keyword. It is to general and will return way to many results for your little article to compete. Try "buy healthy hardwood cleaner" or "buy environmentally friendly tile cleaner." These keywords are only likely to produce the type of person who not only wants the information your article has to provide, but is also likely to purchase.

HINT: Reinvest a percentage of your profits into pay-per-click advertising to boost your traffic. Be sure to use the same specific keywords we talked about before.

HINT: Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Why stop with one stream of income when you could have 10 or 20.

HINT: If an article is doing well give it a domain name. Giving your article a domain name will make it easer for people to remember and provide a sense of credibility. Additionally several affiliate marketing programs require their adds be places on a site with a domain name such as .com or .net.